Oct. 19th, 2009

sepiastars: ([stock] kewpie doll)
So at the end of last week, we were talking at work about ghosts.  We live in an old city with old houses, so there are lots of ghost stories.  And Ruth and I are also working on a ghost-y podcast tour thing, so it's relevant and timely.  Ruth told us about some strange things that happened at her house on Ridge Avenue, which runs right parallel to Vineville in the midtown area (which happens to be my favorite part of town).  Tucker told me the other day that the cute, teeny little house across the street from her has been vacant for almost 2 years and is in foreclosure, and if I want to buy something I should look into it, and as I was on the way there, I crossed Ridge Avenue, which made me remember Ruth's story.  I mentioned it to my mom.

As a side note, I really had an affection for the house - it looks like someone loved it once upon a time.  It really needs some work, but it's cute.  If I could get a bargain on it, I'd be all about it because I love Vista Circle and midtown.  

Anyway, the ghost-y things must have been bouncing around my head, because I was awakened last night by something strange.  I've been sleeping alone at Sue and Ron's since Wednesday, and last night was my final night there.  I had had a hard time falling asleep, was probably tossing and turning until at least 1 or 1:30, and I felt like I had just gotten into a nice, deep sleep when I heard a sort of thud.  It woke Tess up too, and we both sat up and looked at the closed door.  I started wondering if someone was in the house, but I knew I had set the security system before bed, and I had tested the motion sensors yesterday (to see if I could leave Tess out during the day instead of closing her up upstairs) and found that the bottom of the stairs was a sensitive spot.  I started to think that it sounded like someone had come up the stairs and, in the dark, kicked the little cabinet Sue had left on the landing there.  But then I realized that I had left the upstairs hall light on, so someone coming up the stairs would have seen and avoided it.  Then I started thinking that maybe something had fallen off of a wall, so I got up and opened the door, and checked the whole house, and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.  But I was too freaked out to go back to sleep (and it would have taken my the rest of the day anyway).

Maybe it was a Shirley Hills ghost?  Spooky ;)