Apr. 23rd, 2006 12:32 pm
sepiastars: (Default)
If you remember The Moffatts, go (here) and listen to "Perilously Here." Both the other songs are pretty good too, but "Perilously Here" is AMAZING. So I misjudged Scott - apparently the excessive drinking and pot-smoking hasn't totally ruined his creativity.

I will be buying the CD when it's made available.

Next topic: I had the hardest time going to sleep last night.  I went to see "Silent Hill" after work with the girls because I had a free ticket and it's been ages since we saw a movie.  Typically, I'm fine with movie gore and stuff because I can easily reconcile the fact that it isn't real blood, but this movie put some of the worst images into my head.  I have a really strong stomach anyway, but I literally felt ill at some parts of this film (Caution: Spoiler coming).  There's a scene where a woman is held over a fire and we see her entire death sequence, down to melting fabric and bubbling skin, and the worst part is that they made sure we knew that a little girl was watching her die and being traumatized. (Okay, spoilers over).  I also wasn't aware that it is based on a video game, because if I had known that, I would have used my free ticket on something else.  The movie made absoltely no sense, and I hate it when I walk out of the theater having no idea what the hell just happened.  So FYI, there is completely unnecessary gore and blood and images of horrifying bodily harm in this movie.  And the monstery-creature things were definately the scariest things I have ever seen in movies.  But the movie itself was horrible.  Bad acting, bad writing.  Don't waste your money.