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Supernatural quote text icons in pretty spring colors.  4 animated, 2 plain text.


jo header

Mar. 13th, 2007 09:53 am
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Despite my hate for her, I made a little Jo header/blend thingy, in case anyone's interested.  Full size behind the cut.

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I have a little problem with something I noticed connecting the two episodes.

In "Houses of the Holy," Sam is pretty adamant that he has to stop the guy outside of the market because the spirit expressly told him exactly what he was going to do.  He uses the fact that he knows the guy is going to rape someone to justify to Dean that he had to go after him.

Then in "Born Under a Bad Sign," Sam himself is he one who very nearly rapes someone, and worse, a friend.  And yet at the end of the episode, Sam, who is the king of angst and guilt, seems to have no idea what happened, or at least not at all be concerned.

Do you think he didn't remember?  Don't you think he would be more upset?

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14 icons from 2.14, "Born Under a Bad Sign," (multiples because I can't ever make up my mind) plus one evil!Sam banner in commemoration of what was unintentionally the most disturbing scene so far in the series.  Ironically enough, my favorites of the batch are Jo icons.  


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I wish I were super-creative.  This is the best I've got.

deanstripesblackandwhite.png + matching icon

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First post of the year, and I come bearing new wallpaper for you Dean girls.  Similar to my Dean WP for "My Sundown" because I used the same background stock photo, but I love that picture so much.  I really want the guys to go back to the desert.  

Full sizes behind the cut.

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2 new supernatural wallpapers, one Sam and one Dean. Full sizes behind the cut. 

ETA: plus one more, a blend of the two previously posted


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My feelings on this episode.  Behind a cut for spoilers.

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My thoughts on the episode, behind  cut for spoilers.  Also, a little spoiler for 2.06, "No Exit."

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Boxes header by request of [profile] ariss_tenoh.

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New Supernatural wallpaper.  And the Jensen Ackles header I made for myself, that I'll be nice and share ^.^  My roommate doesn't like it, but it served my needs.  So feel free to criticize, constructively, of course ^.~

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Check this out - very interesting!
LogoThere is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

snagged from [ profile] bittersweet_art
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I made some SN headers and a couple icons to match, plus 2 new Jensen icons.  Made from season 2 promo shots, no spoilers.  Headers are 600x400. 

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Tried out a new style today, and made lots of icons with different fonts.


dean icons

Sep. 25th, 2006 10:54 am
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I made these while I should have been doing one of the three projects I have to finish in the next week.  Oh well.  



Sep. 21st, 2006 11:07 pm
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I made a couple SN banners.  Resources are on my profile, please credit if used.  Large versions behind the cut.  Thanks!

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I had a request to do a tutorial for the last WP I made, so here it is!  My first tutorial!  I'm so psyched!

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I've been haivng weird dreams lately.  Kinda freaking me out. 

Anyway, multi-fandom post.  Resources are on my profile.  


2 Roswell
2 Breakfast at Tiffany's
1 Gone with the Wind
10 Supernatural

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Or to be more precise, Patty dyed my hair.  I was tired of being a blonde, so we dyed it brown.  I was going for Reese Witherspoon in 'Walk the Line,' but I was so effing blonde that it turned out kind of reddish, which annoyed me at first, but now I've made peace with it, and I like it.  Pictures will come.  Eventually.

In other news:  So psyched that September is almost here!  On the 15th, season one of Supernatural comes out on DVD, and on the 28th, season two begins on the CW!  Let the countdown begin!


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