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I had a really awful day yesterday. And I don't really want to think about it anymore, I just want to try and move forward, figure out what comes next (although I may break down and vent later today, we all know how I am). So with that in mind, New Moon comes out on Friday! Yay! I'm not going to see it immediately, because I didn't like tweens and teens when I was one (so I certainly don't want to be around more than a handful now), but I still feel like a celebration is in order! So...

In honor of New Moon, I come bearing not just one, but two new fanmixes (kinda). If anyone downloaded my previous fanmix, Cautioners, you will find some songs that overlap. But it's been so long since I posted that one, that I figured most people downloading the new ones wouldn't have Cautioners. And anyway, the only thing about Cautioners that I was really satisfied with was the artwork (I knew that putting a Jessica Andrews song on it was a mistake, one which has been rectified here). The only thing I wish about these two mixes is that I could make playlists of 50 songs. But I figured I could always make additional volumes! :)

So here, in honor of New Moon, are two mixes - one for Bella, and one for Jacob.

And for those of you who know that I am not an E/J shipper - I'm working on one for Edward too. It's just not finished yet.

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I put together a little playlist for Patty, and then I got bored and decided to make some artwork for it.  I don't know if anyone else will be interested in my taste in music, but I enjoy it, so I thought I'd make it available to share.

Warnings: Behind the cut there are spoilers for the entire series (in my commentary), and tons of massive graphics.  This post will eat your dial-up. Inside the zip file, most songs are MP3 but some are M4A.

Credit for the textures I used in the graphics goes to [ profile] graphic_sl,and [ profile] ownthesunshine. Photo from

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