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I'm feeling very uninspired lately. Here are some experiments (full sizes and matching icons behind the cut).

paper and pen to remember you with )
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I put together a little playlist for Patty, and then I got bored and decided to make some artwork for it.  I don't know if anyone else will be interested in my taste in music, but I enjoy it, so I thought I'd make it available to share.

Warnings: Behind the cut there are spoilers for the entire series (in my commentary), and tons of massive graphics.  This post will eat your dial-up. Inside the zip file, most songs are MP3 but some are M4A.

Credit for the textures I used in the graphics goes to [ profile] graphic_sl,and [ profile] ownthesunshine. Photo from

and so without further ado... )
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Apparently five human feet, all wearing running shoes, have washed up near Vancouver since August of 2007.  The most recent one, found last month, was just matched to another found in May.

And, ironically, a sixth foot was discovered about 30 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington (a town on the Olympic Peninsula of Twilight fame!)  Hmm.
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In light of the separation between Summit and Catherine Hardwicke, I have selected a few directors who I think might have potential to do a good job with New Moon:

I am also disturbed by this news.  I was a proponent of removing Hardwicke from the project.  But all this drama is making my tummy upset.  I wasn't satisfied with her work, but I hope that Summit isn't going to make things worse... I hope her departure wasn't a mistake.  Ugh.
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Overall, I have to say, I give it a 6 out of 10.  I admit I was a little disappointed.  Here's what I thought:

the Dazzle, while missing from the film, is under the cut. )


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