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14 icons from 2.14, "Born Under a Bad Sign," (multiples because I can't ever make up my mind) plus one evil!Sam banner in commemoration of what was unintentionally the most disturbing scene so far in the series.  Ironically enough, my favorites of the batch are Jo icons.  


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I wish I were super-creative.  This is the best I've got.

deanstripesblackandwhite.png + matching icon

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First post of the year, and I come bearing new wallpaper for you Dean girls.  Similar to my Dean WP for "My Sundown" because I used the same background stock photo, but I love that picture so much.  I really want the guys to go back to the desert.  

Full sizes behind the cut.

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2 new supernatural wallpapers, one Sam and one Dean. Full sizes behind the cut. 

ETA: plus one more, a blend of the two previously posted


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I have made a couple random Supernatural icons recently, so I thought I'd go ahead and dump them (no spoilers, fyi).  I also made around 20 icons from Dirty Dancing, only one of the greatest movies ever, and I thought I'd stick them up here too, and cross-post them everywhere I can think to.  


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Boxes header by request of [profile] ariss_tenoh.

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New Supernatural wallpaper.  And the Jensen Ackles header I made for myself, that I'll be nice and share ^.^  My roommate doesn't like it, but it served my needs.  So feel free to criticize, constructively, of course ^.~

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I made some SN headers and a couple icons to match, plus 2 new Jensen icons.  Made from season 2 promo shots, no spoilers.  Headers are 600x400. 

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So you've seen them already.  Honestly, I don't know how some people are able to go through 2000 caps, touch up the ones they pick, and then come out with 60-something icons.  I'm amazed by those people ^.^  Here is my humble work from 2x01.  Most are not particularly spoilery.  I picked non-spoilery for samples.


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Tried out a new style today, and made lots of icons with different fonts.


dean icons

Sep. 25th, 2006 10:54 am
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I made these while I should have been doing one of the three projects I have to finish in the next week.  Oh well.  



Sep. 21st, 2006 11:07 pm
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I made a couple SN banners.  Resources are on my profile, please credit if used.  Large versions behind the cut.  Thanks!

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I had a request to do a tutorial for the last WP I made, so here it is!  My first tutorial!  I'm so psyched!

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Two Dean wallpapers.  

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some icons, and also some wallpapers.  I'm not very good at the wallpapers yet, but I'm practicing.  so if anyone wants to save one, have at it.  all behind the cut.  sample:

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I've made a few icons with my relatively newly-acquired photoshop.  Constructive criticism would be fabulous, so please please comment, even if you don't take one.  If you do take one, credit would be fabulous!  A resource post is on the way.

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1 Practical Magic
2 Alexis Bledel
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