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The fact that I'm in love with the movie Practical Magic is no secret. I love love LOVE it. And I also love I love to pick out images I generally like and then try to make graphics with them, but as much as that, I love to find home or decor ideas I like and save them, and then print them out and put them in my wish book. Sadly, my physical wish book has been packed and missing since my move to my parents' house, but I have been saving and preparing all kinds of things to be placed in it as soon as it is recovered.

Since I haven't had it to place items I like in it immediately, I have been saving all these photos in one huge file on my computer, and seeing them all sitting next to one another instead of on their own individual pages made me realize something - everything I love resembles the set design from Practical Magic. I definitely have a style. And then, Mom and I went to an antique mall and I fell in love with this gold, drippy Victorian mirror that I would have thought was too ornate for me... but would fit beautifully in the Practical Magic parlor.

And that's where it started. Since then, my eyes have been open to all kinds of things that I love and have collected for my future house, and I can't wait to have it so I can put all my beautiful things in it! And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Visa company, for fronting me the money for all of this stuff, since they're not gonna see it back until I can become gainfully employed. So thanks ;)

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I've made a few icons with my relatively newly-acquired photoshop.  Constructive criticism would be fabulous, so please please comment, even if you don't take one.  If you do take one, credit would be fabulous!  A resource post is on the way.

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