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They're really good this time!

1. Which would you rather do: Have a drink with Isaac, smoke a joint with Zac, or shop for shoes with Taylor? (You can't say all three!) I'd definately shop for shoes with Taylor.  I can totally picture myself putting on this gorgeous pair of stilettos, and Taylor telling me how hot they make my legs look.

2. Worst Hanson song ever? I hate "Dying to Be Alive"

3. What's your opinion on Hanson fan fiction today? I haven't read hanfic since I was about 14 years old (and that was quite a while ago, for those who didn't know)

4. If you could see either Hanson on the cover of any product (cereal, frozen waffles, anti-freeze), what would it be, and why? Ooh, tough one.  Condoms?  Too much info?

5. Feed Taylor... or feed Zac?  Taylor.  A fancy dinner before bed.  Definately TMI.

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Hitz Friday Five.  Even though it's now Saturday.  Better late than never.

1. Taylor Hanson: Scarf, or no scarf?
Blessed God, no fucking scarf.  I don't care if you live in the Village.  Scarves are simply not appropriate for heterosexual men, period.

2. "Bridges of Stone", "Breaktown"--genius, or overrated?
Not so much "Bridges," but I like the verses of "Breaktown."  I think the chorus is sort of corny, though.

3. Nikki vs Kate (in a cat fight)--who would win?
I feel like Nikki is the tougher of the two, but Kate has some serious cattiness potential.

4. Name for Taylor's (inevitable) forth child?
If we have Ezra, Penelope and River thus far, then surely next in line are Ahmed, Moonunit etc.

5. Underneath: Break-through album or try-hard attempt?
I think it's a good album, but I don't think it's their best.  I mean, Middle of Nowhere was really good.  I think that This Time Around is their best, quality-wise.  I really liked that one.
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3 Hanson friends-only banners.  All behind the cut to avoid confusion.


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