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[ profile] be_hospitable is officially open!  [ profile] be_hospitable is my blog about the hospitality business, and my experiences in the hotel and guest service industry.  It will be tongue-in-cheek and hopefully funny.  It will be annoyed.  It will be cynical.  So hopefully I can stop posting here about what a terrible day I had at work because of the dumbasses who stay at my hotel :)

Feel free to friend the blog if you're interested in reading my posts, but the blog will not friend back.  The only mutual friend the blog will have is me, but all posts will be unlocked forever and ever, so you don't need an add to read it.

Please visit and friend the blog!  Thanks!
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Here's what I hate the most about my job: I hate the person that I am when I'm working here. I'm mean, and tough and I have to say no all the time. And people ask me for ridiculous things or pick fights with me over stupid stuff and I get frustrated with them and then I'm mean to them, which sure, is gratifying for a moment, to make someone feel like an idiot (especially if they are an idiot), but I always feel bad later. Even if you're right, it's wrong to make someone feel stupid, to cut someone down.

And what's worse, I get frustrated and high strung and then I snap at the people I work with, and that makes me feel like an even worse person. I hate being a bitch.

Also, I hate that I care about the hotel and the company so much. We bust our asses to bring in money and let people yell at us because they stayed for cheaper last time, and why do I care if we make our revenue target? Nobody's giving me a bonus. It's not like there's anything going into my pocket. We just got yelled at for actually enforcing the coupon policy - I'm sorry, I thought the goal was to make money. This is a business, and all we're trying to do is keep its head above water, but why? I don't get rewarded for it, at all. Nobody even says thank you.

So anyway. That's my work rant for today.


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