rosa loves

Aug. 3rd, 2007 07:58 am
sepiastars: ([romeo + juliet] fortune's fool)

I just got my latest issue of Flagler Magazine, and read an article I thought I'd share.

Rosa Loves is an organization, founded by another Flagler alumnus, that designs t-shits for charity.  Their hook is that their t-shirts are (A) actually cool and (B) not giving a tiny percentage to a larger charit who will then split it up into even smaller portions and let it disappear forever.  Rosa Loves will design a shirt for a specific individual's cause and then print it until the individual's need is fulfilled.  That way, you know exactly where your money is going.  And in case you forget, the individual's story is printed on the inside of the shirt, next to your heart.  The shirts themselves are also printed on high-quality anti-sweatshop shirts made by American Apparel.  Here's an example of a few designs:

The first shirt, 'Glenda,' purchased a new walker for a beloved resident of West Augustine, FL.  The second, 'Indo Made,' bought a poor Indonesian fisherman, who had to borrow a boat to support his family, a boat of his own.

Unfortunately, both of these designs' goals have been met so they are no longer in print, but you can check out Rosa Loves for the designs currently for sale.