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 First competition, our own invitational, was yesterday, and the kids did awesome!  They showed out like they have never done at practice.

 I was working in the final warm up, the only full-floor warm up space, and they were the very last team to rotate in, so I saw everyone's warm ups.  The judges also took forever to total their cards, so we had teams backing up on deck and in the hole, so Paco and I were  holding them in the auditorium both before and after their warm up. Camden County was the only other coed team there, and they went right before our team, so our kids got to see Camden's full warm up, and it was pretty amazing.  They had some great difficulty, great tumbling, and were very clean.  So then my kids were really intimidated.  And when they came up for their warm-up, they did not look so good.  I was really afraid for them.  They had tumbling busts, they dropped all kinds of stunts.. and I thought it was going to be bad. 

So when they finished their warm up, we all moved to the gym, and the Paco, Jill and I went and stood by the DJs station and watched.  The kids could see the floor from the hole.  When Camden got out there, we were expecting amazing things, and then they dropped at least 2 stunts, maybe even 3 or 4, and they weren't anywhere near as clean as they had been in their warm up.  I think that gave our kids a little bit of confidence, because they went out there and amazed us.  Jill invited Paco and me to sit in the coach's chairs with her at the front of the mat, but we didn't sit the whole time.  We were jumping up and down and screaming and clapping and yelling the words to the cheer and hugging... I just can't believe they pulled off what they did.

So it turned out that they had an amazingly high score (really, it was even higher than they deserved to have) with no deductions, and Camden had 2 5-point deductions, but even without them their raw score was lower than ours.  Our JV won first place, our Varsity won first place, and then Varsity got the Grand Champion trophy for having the highest score of the day!  It was very exciting, and a great way to start their season.

Varsity feeling great right after they performed

With all our trophies - we really cleaned up, lol

In other news, my mother and I are not getting along well at all.  Her feelings are hurt that I don't devote all of my free time to her.  And I'm really having a hard time with being expected to be home for dinner every night, and calling and checking in and asking permission, not because I don't think I should have to, but because I'm made to feel guilty when I make plans that don't include her, or I want to go out to eat with a friend or friends.  Or practice runs late and I want to jog after, or I have to stay after the competition and help clean up (it was a NIGHTMARE, by the way...  got there are about 8 am and WORKED until 7 pm - setting up, redoing the mats and the strips (because these kids are so spoiled these days by not having to put out a floor and put it back every day, they don't even know how to do it, lol.  So what they did had to be redone in most cases), sweeping, setting up hospitality rooms, folding programs, running the full-floor warm up, scoring the teams for the Sportsmanship Award, judging jump-off and tumble-off, biting my nails to the quick when my team performed, tearing the mats up, rolling strips, sweeping the stage, hauling garbage, locking doors, moving stuff to Tucker's room in several trips, folding and putting away tables, putting the floor back out in the cheer factory... it was a long day.  She called right after the competition ended, just as we were getting started with clean up, to ask if I wanted to go to dinner with her and Marilyn and Billy and I said that I did, but I didn't know when I'd be done.  So I called her back about an hour later and said that we were going to be working for a long time and not to wait on me.  Which I kind of thought was considerate.  But apparently she felt abandoned.  So when I called again at 7:30 to say we were wrapping it up and were going to go to Macon for dinner, so I'd be home late, and left a message on the voicemail, she had already packed up her car and her dog and gone to the mountains, and never got the message.  When I got home at 11, and her car wasn't there, I got worried, so I called every place I could think of, and just called the mountain house on a whim.  Apparently she left a note on the table.

I'm just so frustrated with her.  I can't live like this.  I have enough things that I'm stressing over and trying to deal with and fit into my life - I realize that she just wants to be included.  But I can't plan my life around her.  Especially when she throws temper tantrums.

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