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One day, I'm going to write my memoirs, and everyone will be surprised.  I feel like, even the people who know will be surprised, you know?  It's not that I intentionally keep things from people... I think it's a defense mechanism.  I don't feel vulnerable if no one knows everything about everything.  Even the big things - I just don't tell people everything.  Actually, I told Aaron most of it, but I seriously doubt he committed any of it to memory, or even remembers much of the things I told him.  It's just as well.  Probably better, actually.

Kids have competition this weekend at Walton High in Marietta, and they're competing against 5 other coed, North Georgia teams.  We're not sure what any of them look like currently, but I'm worried.  They weren't terribly impressive at practice today. I hate for them to go somewhere and not look good, but it annoys me that they hurt their reputation for being good (state champions!), which is also OUR reputation.  We busted our asses to build that reputation; we built it on our own blood, sweat and tears (literally).  I injured my back and both my ankles, and they still hurt to this day, to build that reputation and that legacy.  We built that gym as if we had done it with our own hands, and they take it for granted.  It doesn't mean anything at all to them.  Falling out of stunts or busting their passes doesn't mean a lot to them, but it means a ton to me, because that's not how people will remember that one particular person who started pulling too soon or too late, but that's how they'll remember Jones County Coed.  They'll remember that we dropped a bow at Sectionals or that we were the only team in our division who didn't have any fulls at State.  And that blankets anyone who's ever been on the team, or ever will be.  And I can't really blame them - I didn't think of it that way when I was there either.  But I guess being older and wiser... it means more to me.

Anyway.  I've found so many pretty things lately at weheartit.  Check out some things that I heart!
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