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I thought it was high time I posted something that wasn't angsty, so here it is. I spent my weekend not doing things I needed to do, but playing around in photoshop and messing with stock images and stuff from we heart it. So here are a few doodads I made that really serve no purpose whatsoever. There are 5 total behind the cut with credits to the song lyrics I used.

1) "A Bed You Know," inspired by "Go" by Hanson, The Walk.

2) "All I Wanted," inspired by "All I Wanted" by Paramore, Brand New Eyes.

3) "Like Music, Every Line," inspired by "Penny and Me" by Hanson, Underneath.

4) "If I Could Turn Around," insprired by "Paperthin Hymn" by Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal.

5) "Bury The Castle," inspired by "Brick by Boring Brick" by Paramore, Brand New Eyes.

Please credit with use, and it'd be nice if you'd comment. Thanks! ♥
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