Oct. 22nd, 2009

sepiastars: ([stock] coffee addict)
Three or four days ago, I went to take a shower, and there was this teeny tiny little spider hanging out in the corner of the tub.  He didn't have a web or anything, he was just hanging onto the side for dear life.  And I felt kinda bad for him, so I used my loofa to relocate him to the corner, and went on about my business.

And each morning, when I go into my bathroom, before I start the shower, I check to make sure he isn't somewhere that he'll get knocked down and drown.  And he's been there, somewhere in my bathtub.  I've come to think of him as Edgar, and some days I have to relocate him so that he doesn't fall in.  He's just too cute to kill, and after I've saved him several days, I feel like squishing or flushing him now would be cruel.  

So I have a pet spider named Edgar who lives in my shower.