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Just a few. Plus some PSDs if you're interested in coloring and/or textures. If you'd like to download a PSD and add your own text (to make a header, for example), I don't mind if you would please credit me for the work I did. Also please comment if you like, especially if you take. It would make my day ♥. Enjoy!

the love we make, it's give and it's take )
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I'm feeling very uninspired lately. Here are some experiments (full sizes and matching icons behind the cut).

paper and pen to remember you with )
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+ 23 icons from random pictures


just a picture and a feeling and a face )


May. 26th, 2008 10:14 pm
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I haven't made any icons in a while, so I found some cool pictures and iconed them.

i never wanted to say this )
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The video sucks, but the audio is really quite good. It sounded so awesome live.

Yay, Patty's coming to visit me tomorrow!!! 

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18 Paramore icons

i'm fighting for us, my heart is a soldier )
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Inspired by icons made by [ profile] cablerelease , 19 Paramore icons with tiny text, or variations thereof


you kiss your life goodbye like lovers in the night )


Mar. 25th, 2008 11:33 pm
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+ 13 paramore icons

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+ 3 friends only banners (variations)
+ 2 misc banners/headers
+ 9 icons


goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here )
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Today we'll be learning how to use 2 different types of textures by way of making this:

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Since I got some compliments on my coloring on my last icon post, I thought I'd make a quick coloring tutorial.  It's 100% selective coloring, so it's not translatable to PSP.


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24 random icons. I found these photos while searching for mood theme photos, and I just had to icon them, especially since there were some photos I wanted to use in the mood theme that I didn't get to. So here there are in 100x100 format.

i never was too good with goodbye )
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Just a few icons, 15 total. I was experimenting with a new selective coloring setting that I've fallen in love with.

i won't let you fall away )
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I'm finally done!  It felt like it took forever!  This may be the only mood theme I ever make, geez.


icon dump

Jan. 4th, 2008 11:22 pm
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+ 6 Roswell Challenge Submissions
+ 5 ParamoreLIMS Submissions + alternatives
+ 7 Paramore/Hayley Williams
+ 3 Pessimistic New Years


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4 Paramore FO banners.  All nice and small, so as not to eff up your layout.  Full sizes behind the cut.

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This is totally the best day ever.  I have the day off, spent it at the hotel with Melinda and Kalman, good Thanksgiving meal at the restaurant, and since then I've been vegging in front of the Law and Order SVU and CI marathon and making graphics.

I made a banner, and then made some variations on it.  7 total.

edit: I also added some Hayley icons, and some icons for icon makers.  All behind the cut.


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 2 small paramore banners and 2 matching icons

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 I'm so sad I had to work through Halloween.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I feel like it didn't even happen!  Since I got home from work too late for trick-or-treaters today, I made some mediocre Hayley Paramore icons.  10 in total, including a few variations.


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No, the graphics aren't Halloween-themed.  They're Paramore.  Big surprise.

1 Hayley banner thing + variation, 1 Zac banner thing and a matching icon. 



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