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Okay.  So apparently the Twilight fandom is on the brink of total explosion because of this revelation in a French article from a few days ago... speculation is that Kristen Stewart (KStew, for those of you not acquainted with Twilight-speak) and her boyfriend of forever Michael Angarano (Oregano - they met when they were in 'Speak' together, one of my favorite movies, about 3 or 4 years ago) have broken up.  Or gone on a break.  Or something.

And of course we have all long-since belived that KStew and Robert Pattinson (RPattz) have had something going on.  Without question on Rob's side.  And KStew was just resisting because she was with Oregano.  And to be totally and subjectively honest, their body language really says it all.  He is so in love with her.  He bought her a $1500 Taylor guitar for her 18th birthday, among other evidence.

And the whole fandom is waiting for Sundance with baited breath because if Oregano doesn't show up, that means he and KStew are not together.  And if RPattz does show up, it means he and KStew are together!  And everyone's all, "SHHHH, pretend we don't know anything, just keep it quiet or we'll scare them off like deer and they'll go hide on their respective continents and all our hopes and dreams will be dashed!"

I am loving this.  It's just like high school all over again but more fun because everyone's older and cooler and under the influence of something interesting.  This is so much fun :D

Ugh, I have to calm myself down.  Have to get up in the middle of the fucking night to make it to work before 7 am.  I hate my job.